Prairie Fire Steak Rub   
Heated with cayenne pepper and habanero powder,  this is a good seller.  My husbands favorite, one of my customers won runner up at Cabela's Cook Off off six years ago,  using my Prairie Fire Steak Rub on his smoked ribs.  Since then I have added smoked paprika which only makes it better.

Roast Beef Rub
Cover roast with rub, bake in the oven or crockpot, has a great crust of garlic, red pepper, onion and parsley, rub carmelizes and makes delicious drippings for gravy.  Can also be used on burgers.  I also use it for flavoring when making pepper steak or stroganoff, season the beef cubes with the roast beef rub while you are browning it, gives a  good beef flavor.
Tequila Lime & Garlic
Use on Chicken, pork, shrimp or salmon, cover meat and let marinate for an hour if desired, doesn't take a lot of rub to give flavor, and it is not necessary to marinate. but it does give it more flavor.  Can use on beer can chicken. Great for grilled shrimp.
Apple Rib Rub
Makes delicious ribs, in the oven or on the grill, good as a rub with other cuts of  pork or chicken . For Delicious tender ribs, cover ribs, then place in the oven and cook for about 6 to8 hours at 250 degrees, then place on the smoker and smoke for an hour.  Delicious!!!
Apricot Rosemary & Garlic
Use on Chicken or Pork.  Makes a beautiful pork roast, I like to put carrots and potatoes around the roast, I sprinkle the seasoning on all of it, great gourmet flavor.  For a low fat recipe, baste chicken breast  and slices of eggplant with olive oil, then sprinkle the apricot rosemary  & garlic seasoning on all of it place on the grill, delicious Tuscanny flavor, and lo-cal.
Roasted Garlic & Lemon Pepper
This is an all around favorite, use on fish, chicken, or pork.  Great to roast. grill or pan fry with.  I like to panbroil cod with this rub has a great flavor and so easy. Cook just till the fish falls apart.
Bourbon Street
This is my favorite on chicken wings, good on pork or chicken but makes great wings, has a little heat, but that just makes it better, just sprinkle on the wings and place in the oven.. Makes pork steak awesome, I bake in the oven, just sprinkle and bake, easy and delicious!
Meatloaf Seasoning
Package makes 2 - 2 pound loaves of meatloaf, add 8 ounces of tomato sauce and mix and blend together and make in to a loaf and you are done, you have the green and red bell peppers, onions, garlic and spices in the mix, 
I like to spread some catsup on top, then bake.  You can have half ground pork or turkey and half ground beef .  Quick and easy--and delicious.

Apple Mesquite
Best on pork chops or loin, good on steaks too.  Add a cup of brown sugar to package of rub and use on pork chops, makes them taste like ham.
Fool Proof Brisket, cover brisket with applewood rub, put in a baking pan cover with foil, place in the oven at 200 degrees over night, also can be used on chicken or pork.  Delicious smoked flavor.
Smoked Brisket with
Applewood Rub
Gourmet Chicken
Mix with olive oil and baste a chicken to roast,  or just rub on.  Great on Pork roast or any other meat.  Good to season vegetables as well. Don't forget Thanksgiving Turkey, it's a winner.
Grillin' Steak Rub    
Made for the Charcoal Grill, chunky pepper, salt and seasonings, just the right blend of spices and herbs to make a great steak.
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Want great burgers for your grill? Mix Applewood rub with your ground beef, then make the patties, 1 packet does around 4-5 pounds. Mix Apple Mesquite with fresh ground pork, go easy rub is stronger, until you are used to the taste. Great Pork Burgers!
Roast Pork with Roasted Garlic and Lemon Pepperr
Hickory Charcoal Steak Rub
Cover steaks and grill on gas or electric, tastes like it's been 
charcoaled. Cover steaks with rub and place on hot grill, seals in juices, cooked to desired doneness. Great Flavor!
Cover standing rib roast with Apricot Rosemary and Garlic Rub, add seasoning also to dressing, plus dried apricots and onions.
Easy Meatloaf Seasoning, vegetables, in seasoning, add bread crumbs if desired.
Very hot!
Peach Habanero Meat Rub
Great on pork loin, or chicken, smokey with a little heat, great flavor!!

Sweet Red Onion and Seven Pepper Blend
Great on just about anything, makes delicious burgers, just work into ground
meat, could be beef, pork or turkey and would still be good.  Gives a great flavor with a bite, lower on salt, mainly peppers and ground jalapeno pepper.
Has a mild heat.

Cherry Chipolte Smoke Rub
Great mixture of cherry powder and extract, chipolte powder, and smoke powder,  Good on beef, pork or chicken.  Makes a tasty chicken breast or steak.  Medium Heat.
Pork Loin covered with peach Habanero