Made with fresh dehydrated vegetables.
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Easy Crock Pot Meals
Recipes and Seasonings

 Soups are 3 quart, Serves 6
Packet includes Seasonings and Recipe for Soup.
30 Minute Soup or Crock Pot Meal Packets
Choice of 30 Minute Soups or Crock Pot Meals
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All soups can be put together as a crock pot soup with the exception of the Cajun Chilli.  
Salisbury Steak, 
Great seasoning for a great gravy to go in crockpot or skillet.  

Chicken Alfredo
Easy to use in crockpot or skillet, makes a great sauce with chunks of chicken and noodles.

Apricot Rosemary and Garlic
Cover pork roast with potatoes and carrots in crockpot, makes a gourmet meal.

Italian Soup
  Add Italian Sausage, seasoning, canned tomatoes and frozen italian vegetables and pasta for a quick easy soup.  Serve with Italian Herb and Cheese Beer Bread, and you've got a meal!

Taco Soup
  Add hamburger, canned corn, tomatoes and seasoning, garnish with chips and sour cream  

White Chilli
  Add ground pork or turkey to canned white beans, green chillis and seasonings to water, makes a great chilli, really good with the turkey.

 Chicken Enchilada Soup
  Mix seasoning, canned cream of chicken, cooked chicken breast, mexican velveeta cheese  and milk for a creamy delicious soup.

 Creamy Potato
  Cooked potato, canned cream of celery, milk and velveeta with a delicious seasoning mix.  Check out suggestions for making soups simpler.

Creamy  Broccoli Soup
  Add Seasoning Mix, cooked chicken, optional,  add fresh or  frozen broccoli, cream of chicken and velveeta cheese, great to put in crockpot on low and come home to a delicous prepared soup.  Make Beer Bread for a great and easy side dish

Hamburger Vegetable Soup.
    Add Seasoning to browned hamburger, can of  tomato juice and frozen mixed vegetables(I like the ones with small pieces of celery and potato in the mixed vegetables), easy and delicious.

Hints: Cook potatoes in microwave while you are getting the soup ingredients together.  Approximately 6 large potatoes at 12 minutes, or till tender, let slightly cool then peel off peeling and smash potatoes,to small pieces, add to soup mixture.

For Chicken, use left over or canned.  We like to use left over rotisserre chickens. Tear off bone and add to soup, or cook chicken breast, let cool slightly and dice into small pieces.
Hamburger Vegetable Stew, a family favorite, and so quick and easy.